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DIY Metal Trunk Makeover using Maison Blanche Black Lime Wax

Do you ever come across a piece of furniture that looks ROUGH but you know could be fantastic? Here's a step by step of how we recently completed this Metal Trunk Makeover & turned trash to treasure!

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On a recent consultation our client asked if we would be interested in taking a peek at "just one more piece" then led us out into the rain....she had just rescued this beauty from the side of the road but thought it could be interesting and we couldn't agree more! 


Here's how it looked then: 



It was wet, rusty (and kinda stinky!) but Dan & I were intrigued by the details and gorgeous patterned metal work. The client chose a few colors and we accepted the challenge to turn this Trash into Treasure!


We gathered our supplies & set off to work! 

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Prep work was absolutely essential in this piece so we took our time to do it right (and may have gone overboard but better safe than sorry!). First it needed a thorough drying, so we brought it into our warm workshop & turned some fans on it for a few days to get the piece dried out. Next was a thorough cleaning, Dan scrubbed it with a 50/50 mix of Denatured Alcohol & water to remove any of the grime that has accumulated over its lifetime. Then he used sandpaper & a metal brush to knock off any loose paint, rust or whatever else may be on it!


This piece called for a serious primer/stainblocker and the BIN Schellac Based Primer is the best one we've found. It seals odors, stains and bonds to nearly any surface. One downside is that it STINKS and it is difficult to clean up after...  save yourself some aggravation & use a disposable chip brush to use this product. 




Now that we know our base was solid, it was time for the fun part, painting!!  The client chose two of our favorite colors, Annie Sloan Paris Grey & Duck Egg Blue but gave us free reign on the design. (Equal parts incredible & terrifying... awesome to have creative freedom, but what if she hated the end result! Ahh!)


We decided to take a cue from the original design & paint the metal Duck Egg Blue, (a gorgeous blue/green with grey undertones while the wood would become Paris Grey, which is a soft, neutral grey. Check out the detail shot of the top, lots of interesting textures that came together beautifully!



The final step was waxing the entire piece to seal the paint and create an additional layer of dimension. We used Maison Blanche Black Lime Wax for this project & were thrilled with the results. A thick layer was brushed on (plenty of fancy wax brushes available but I've been happy using the chip brushes lately) then I used a soft, clean rag to wipe away the excess.


One reason I enjoy using wax is that it settles into the grooves and crevices to create & enhance the texture beautifully. The metal spiral design was hidden previously but absolutely came alive with the addition of the wax! It also helped unify the two colors of paint used on the project.



A quick buff with a soft rag once the wax had dried and Voila! our Trash to Treasure Metal Trunk Makeover was complete!


What do you think? Would you use a piece like this in your home?



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  • As all of your work, this is no exception…its beautiful!!


  • Your pieces are just lovely! I’m wondering how your finished the inside?

    Louise Inchauspe

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