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Product Feature: General Finishes Glaze Effects

Glazing is a wonderful way to add depth, dimension and interest to your painted furniture. Glaze is easy to use and offers a dramatic way to take your painted furniture to the next level!

Here’s a great example of how paint & glaze can create incredible impact! It was beautiful before but now those details are truly stunning! We updated it with General Finishes Milk Paint in Basil, Antique White to dry brush the details and Pitch Black Glaze to really POP those carvings! 

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As General Finishes states  “Glaze Effects are translucent water based colors designed to create beautiful decorative finishes such as distressing, antiquing, marble effects, burnishing, color washing and wood graining. They may be applied over General Finishes Milk Paints, stains, water based topcoats or intermixed with GF Milk Paints & Topcoats to create custom looks.”

General Finishes Glaze is available in the following colors: Winter White, Van Dyke Brown, Pitch Black, Burnt Umber and Clear to allow you to create a custom mix!

General Finishes Glaze Effects are available for sale here, or try a Glaze Sample Pack to experiment with our three favorite colors!




Grab some glaze, brushes, water, lots of clean rags and a few sample boards to experiment! Glaze can change the look & feel of your piece dramatically so I recommend playing around a bit to learn how to create a look you’re going to love!

Start with a base coat, it could solid, layered colors, distressed… this is where YOUR unique style & creativity come together to create one of a kind looks! Keep in mind that the more porous your paint is, the more glaze will sink into it. For example, the glaze will wipe off much cleaner over a slick, glossy surface then if you’re using a chalk paint… you could apply High Performance Top Coat before glazing to create a different look. The best way to learn is to experiment, so have fun playing with samples, pushing the boundaries of the product to see what happens and discover YOUR style!

Next comes the fun part! Use your brush to apply the glaze onto the board, be sure to push it into all the nooks & crannies, as glaze settles into the details to create a shadowy effect (you could also dry brush with it to create highlights!). Now take your clean rag and wipe off in smooth strokes, I usually start with a damp rag then finish wiping with a dry rag. Keep wiping until you are satisfied with the finish you’ve created! 

Glaze can be used a number of ways, check out the difference in appearance on this sample door... the left side was painted in Millstone, Linen on the right, then we used Glaze in Van Dyke Brown... the top has glaze applied only to the details then wiped off, the bottom has glaze on the entire area then wiped.

Isn't it amazing the difference you can achieve with a few tiny changes to your process?!? 




No problem! General Finishes water- based paints & glazes are very easy to recover from. If you don’t like the look simply add a bit more water to the board and try to remove. If that doesn’t satisfy, allow to dry & use a fine sandpaper to try to alter. Worst case scenario- simply add a coat of your base paint and try again! There’s no need to strip the glaze off but you may want to lightly sand to smooth out any imperfections.



Glaze should be sealed with a coat or two of High Performance Top Coat, it is available in Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss. Use whatever sheen you desire and keep in mind the general rule of thumb that the glossier the surface, the more protection it has!



General Finishes Milk Paint in Brick Red, Glaze in Pitch Black 


General Finishes Milk Paint in Linen, Glaze in Van Dyke Brown



General Finishes Milk Paint in Queenstown Gray, Glaze in Winter White


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  • Queenstown Gray, Glaze in Winter White. Do I need High Performance Top Coat in Semi-gloss to make this high performance to hold up to my rough family?


  • I love your brick red with black glaze….did you cover the whole piece in the glaze?

    Jeannee Taylor

  • Can this glaze be used over a Minwax water based stain? Thank you!

    Ruthann Krznarich

  • Hi Kelly, I need help. A client asked for their rocker to be stained with “Island Water”, a Minwax water-based product. It’s beautiful, but, long-story short, the white wax I used on the sample board won’t adhere to this stain. It looks absolutely horrible! Can I use General Finishes glaze on it? She wanted the white to accent the dark blue. I have pictures if that helps. Thank you so much.


  • May I purchase sample kit of burnt umber, black, and white? thanks

    Jo Barrett

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