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Furniture Makeover with Maison Blanche Tourmaline & IOD Moulds

Kelly Jenkins

 Here’s one I struggled with whether to paint or not… mainly because we had refreshed a similar piece recently that was super cute! But it also had a lot more interesting aspects to the design… 


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So I posed the question to our Facebook followers and the overwhelming answer was… PAINT IT!!! So I did :)



 Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint- Tourmaline

Maison Blanche Wax- Espresso

IOD Mould- Fleurish




One of the reasons I was drawn to this piece was the pretty legs, it has a feminine flair that I chose to highlight with this project. I opted for Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint to create a gorgeous, soft finish. 


First I painted a base coat of Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint in Tourmaline, a pretty, blue turquoise color… very on trend & very nice to work with! The paint is chalky, easy to paint with and dries to a soft, velvety feel. It has a longer open time (which I adore) and also levels a little bit to overcome brushstrokes. 


Watch here: 


But once the drop down was painted I realized an issue…. It was now very, very boring. 


I’ve heard a lot of great things about IOD Moulds and PaperClay but hadn’t had a chance to play with them yet. This was the perfect opportunity! I ordered via Amazon, then anxiously awaited the delivery!




Once received, I tore open the package & started playing with the PaperClay, pressed it into the mold then applied it to the piece. It was so fun, just like Play Doh for grownups! Here’s a link to see the whole process.


Watch here:  


Once dried it was time to distress & wax, I used my favorite sanding pad to lightly distress all over, then focused on the areas that would acquire natural wear & tear. Dusted off the piece & started to apply the finishing wax! 

Here I used my FAVORITE wax- Maison Blanche Antiquing Wax in Espresso! It’s a perfect shade of brown- very dark, a little ashy and minimal yellow undertones. Not only is this wax super easy to apply and wipe off, it also DOES NOT require a use coat of clear to use!!! Go for it an apply directly to the piece, you’ll be able to wipe off most of the wax while leaving more in the details for that gorgeous finish. Especially important now that we have some pretty molding to highlight on the front!

Watch here: 



The next day I came back to buff it quickly with a rag. This step is super easy and gives the wax a pretty sheen and incredible soft feel. 


The interior of the desk was in great shape, so we chose to keep that intact & freshened it up with a quick coat of Hemp Oil.


Fresh new diamond knobs from D. Lawless Hardware completed this pretty, dainty  transformation!




What do you think? Have you tried the IOD Moulds yet?


Here's some detail shots of the project!


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