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Captiva Home is a husband and wife team based in the tiny farming town of Berlin, Massachusetts. We specialize in furniture painting, custom finishing, signs and home decor with shopping, workshops & more by appointment at our workshop in Berlin. We love wood, modern farmhouse style, solid furniture with lots of details and Dan has a soft spot for Mid Century Modern.

The foundation for our business was laid far before we actually met on a fateful blind date seven years ago. Kelly attended a vocational high school where she specialized in the Painting and Decorating shop learning the elements of paint, design and a variety of paint applications. She was especially drawn to faux finishes and sign making. While many teens land their first job in fast food, Kelly worked at the local hardware store, then moved onto a sign shop. She truly excelled in the field and won a competition her senior year proclaiming her the Best Painting Student in Massachusetts! In college she focused on business & marketing and spent eight years working for a top communications company in marketing and retail account management.
Dan is a natural artist, photographer and self taught woodworker with over 14 years experience building custom kitchen cabinets. As he is fond of saying "If it is made of wood, I can build it". He has recently taken his artistic and woodworking talents to a whole new level. Dan creates unique wooden abstract sculptures that are displayed at a local art gallery and were featured at the AD20/21 Art Show as part of Boston Art and Design Week 2017.

We have always dreamed of owning our own business but life has been pretty busy. (Since meeting in 2011, Dan and Kelly have gotten married, flipped two homes, bought their dream home and had two children, phew!) On New Years Day 2017 we had a reflective conversation and decided the "perfect" time would never happen, we needed to work hard and create our opportunity. A few days later we received the news that Kelly's "secure" corporate job was eliminated and took it as a sign to get moving and follow our passion!

By combining Dan's experience as an artist and cabinet maker with Kelly's talents in faux finishing, design and business, we knew we had a unique opportunity. We love taking a piece that others have abandoned and bringing it back to life. Many people inherit treasured items that are in disrepair or do not fit into their current decor, it's a joy to be able to restore them to be used in the home once again. We work together throughout the process and enjoy (almost) every moment! While we are officially a few years into this adventure, we have been training and building the skills our whole lives to lead up to this and we couldn't be happier to see our dream coming true.


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