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Furniture Painting 101 - Video Training

Want to transform your furniture but you’re not sure where to start?

Confused about all the different information out there?

What should you use? Chalk paint? Milk Paint? Wax? Polycrylic Top Coat?

When should you sand &/or prime? What’s shellac?

How do you paint or apply top coat correctly?

How is this issue resolved?


Furniture Painting sounds simple but can get very confusing! I’m Kelly Jenkins with Captiva Home & I’m here to break it down for you into simple terms! I’ve been painting for nearly 20 years & have completed over 300 furniture transformations since 2017. In this prerecorded video series I’ll take you through an entire furniture painting project from start to finish. Along the way I’ll share lots of my best tips for prep work, painting and top coating your piece to save you time, money & frustration! 

Painting Furniture is a wonderfully rewarding hobby that offers tangible benefits you can enjoy for years to come! Not only will you transform your home (or someone else’s!), you will gain the deep satisfaction of taking an undesirable item & turning it into a work of art.

Most people own a piece that while high quality, doesn’t fit their home, lifestyle etc… maybe it’s a sentimental piece passed down from a loved one, or the first “grown up” piece of furniture they purchased, or they’ve inherited a dining set... that while nice… isn’t a look they would have chosen for themselves. It is an incredible joy to be able to give these pieces new life; not only will you save them from rotting away in the basement, you will allow these pieces to rejoin the home as a treasured item!

I’d like to invite you to paint alongside of me, or watch & build the confidence to tackle your own project. Furniture painting is a wonderful, fulfilling activity and I would LOVE to guide you on your journey!


Topics we’ll cover:

Prep work:

  • Selecting your piece & a finish to complement it
  • Supplies to have on hand 
  • Cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Primer- Is it necessary? When? What products to use



  • How to prepare your paint
  • How to load the brush 
  • What order to paint the piece in



  • Our favorite supplies
  • How to distress for an authentic, time worn look
  • Top Coats- some common products & application methods
  • How to apply Top Coats by hand




Who is this course for? Most beneficial for those with little to no furniture painting experience, though novices will certainly pick up a few tips & tricks!

How will this course be delivered? This is a pre-recorded video broken down into three parts, Prep Work, Painting and Finishing: Distressing & Top Coating, total time is 2.5 hours of content. You’ll receive an email shortly after checking out with the links to all the content.  

Couldn’t I learn for free? Sure, but I’m offering a shortcut to save you time & money… some of the free content advocates for “No Prep”… while that’s a nice idea, you’ll soon discover that you can save yourself ALOT of time, money & frustration by recognizing when and what prep work is best for the piece. 

 Will I maintain access to this video? Yes! You can refer back to it at anytime, just be sure to save your confirmation email.


Let's Get Started!