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ClingOn! Brushes

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ClingOn! Brushes
ClingOn! Brushes
ClingOn! Brushes
ClingOn! Brushes
ClingOn! Brushes
ClingOn! Brushes
ClingOn! Brushes

ClingOn! Brushes are exceptional for obtaining a smooth finish with minimal brushstrokes. The paint will flow off the tips beautifully, help extend the coverage of your paint and leave a flawless finish. Ideal for all water based chalk, milk, acrylic paints & topcoats, we adore the results when combined with General Finishes Milk Paints & High Performance Top Coats.



  • Allows paint to cover better & leave a smoother finish
  • Lots of different size & style options to fit your needs
  • Can be used with all water based products
  • Strong, durable brush, yet soft bristles for optimal performance
  • Weighted nicely to allow you to paint longer comfortably 
  • Cleans up extremely easily with water
  • Last much longer than an average brush
  • Affordable & easy to use


  • Let your ClingOn! Brush absorb some water before the first use. Then simply spin the handles between your hands for a few seconds to remove excess water & you’re ready to paint!
  • Do not remove the strings from the round & oval brushes. They remain in place to help preserve the shape of the brushes. Avoid soaking them with water or paint. 
  • Dip in water or spritz the tips regularly while painting. Using a damp brush will prevent paint from hardening on the bristles and allow the paint to flow off the bristles, resulting in an incredible smooth, brushstroke free finish.
  • Clean the brush under running water when you’re finished painting. 
  • Store your brush wet when not in use. Let the brush hang in water (without touching the bottom), the brush will cycle water though the bristles to clean out any remaining paint near the ferrule and prevent it from drying out & impacting the brushes performance over time. Replace water regularly. (I’ve found repurposing a plastic drink cup to be an easy solution! Simply pull the handle through the straw opening & fill with enough water to cover the bristles about halfway!  



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